The festival

The 15th to 18th of August 2018, Stockholm will be the meeting point for 150 young international dance and circus performers. These young movers will share with the public and each other a wide range of what young physical performing art look like today.


4 days of performances.


A Forum for adult professionals within the fields of dance and circus (information coming soon)


Workshops and exchange program for the participating youths.



Young Movers exhibits the talent and power of young performing artists. The festival wants to trigger joyful eye-opening experiences to broad audiences. In the long run Young Movers aims to raise the status of youth performing arts in the public perception and strengthen and develop the field of working creatively with art and youths.

Cooperation partners

Suomen Nuorisosirkusliitto
DOCH, school of Dance and Circus – Stockholm University of the Arts
Dans i Stockholms Stad och Län



Berliner Festspiele
Baltic Nordic Circus network

Financial support

Stockholms  Stad
Stockholms Län Landsting
Nordisk Kulturfond
Kulturkontakt Nord

People behind the project

Young Movers is initiated by UngScenKonst, a Stockholm based independent non-profit association. The associations aims to launch, establish and support cultural meeting points for children and youth. The team behind UngScenKonst consists of circus- and dance artists and pedagogues active in the field of children and youth culture.


The team


Franziska Kusebauch – Artistic Director

Pelle Tillö – Project Leader

Sara Andrén – Producer

Jan Norrman – Initiator and Chairman of the board

Linda Beijer – Consultant


The Jury

The pieces applying to participate in the festival through the Open Call have been discussed and chosen by an international jury consisting of engaged professionals in the fields of dance and circus. Young Movers are very proud to present the jury members of 2018:


Jasmine Attié (SE)


Jasmine is working as a dancer, pedagogue and choreographer. In 2010 she co-founded JELNEK Dance Co, a Stockholm based group that is creating dance performances and workshops for youths. Jasmine graduated from DOCH in 2012. 2016 she became part of the interdisciplinary and mixed-abled company Un-Label and since 2017 she is active in the interdisciplinary collective OFFSHORE. Jasmine has also been working with Simone Forti, Cally Spooner, Satoshi Kudo, Disa Krosness, Teater Nu, Linda Wardal and Emelie Empo Enlund.


André Kaliff (SE/DK)


André Kaliff is a physical actor and dancer, trained at the Department of Mime at Teaterhögskolan in Stockholm. For almost 10 years he has been working as a dancer, actor, choreographer and puppeteer. He often work in contexts where the aim is high quality performances for children and young adults. He lives in Copenhagen and is working both in Denmark and Sweden.


Jo Parkes (DE/UK)


Jo Parkes is a freelance dance and video maker, combining dance and documentary filmmaking. Parkes’s work is a series of portraits of people and places, often presented as installations in public spaces and/or videos. She has directed participatory dance projects for 18 years. She is founder and artistic director of Mobile Dance. Mobile Dance supports individuals in the development of mobility: in their bodies, personal development and relationship to the world around them. Co-creative processes catalyse change in communities, often in locations where access to participative arts is limited. Parkes is the recipient of the Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award (GB) and a Fulbright scholar, with a first-class degree in English/German literature from Oxford University and an MFA in choreography from UCLA.


Suvi Piirainen (FI)


Suvi Piirainen is graduating from Lahti Circus Education as an professional circus artist this spring. Suvi started dancing when she was four and circus came into the picture at the age of 7. She has done a lot of performing during the years and has experience of creating shows with the circus group she founded in 2011 at the age of 17. Nowadays Suvi concentrates mostly on circus but still keeps dancing close to her heart by teaching. Suvi Piirainen will join Sirkus Finlandia this spring as a circus artist.


Freya Stokka (NO)


Freya Stokka is a Norwegian acrobat currently studying circus and physical theatre at Circomedia in England. She likes lifting people and falling over. Before starting her circus degree, Freya studied nursing, and is now an authorised nurse. through her practise and studies in health, she pushed her communicational skills. As a circus artist, she believes that the non verbal communication that the participants have – through movement and expression, is the most vital and interesting part of any show.


More info

If you are interested in getting more information about the initiative, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dance and circus schools, groups, projects and youth companies with young performers between 10-20 from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark can apply to be part. The piece will be part of the public festival programme. Full length pieces last minimum 30 minutes, short pieces maximum 15 minutes.

All applications are reviewed by a jury of experienced dancers, choreographers and circus artists, who makes the selection for the festival. Through an open call in November-December 2017, dance and circus schools, groups and youth companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland were encouraged to apply with a piece for Young Movers 2018.

The jury members of Young Movers 2018 are:


Jasmine Attié (SE)  – dance artist

André Kaliff (DK) – physical theatre artist

Jo Parkes (DE/UK) – choreographer and dance/video artist

Suvi Piirainen (FI) – circus artist

Freya Stokka (NO) – circus artist


The jury met the 23rd of February to make a final decision about the participating groups.


The application process for Young Movers 2018 is now closed!

If you are still interested in the festival or have ideas about contributing and being part, we are always happy to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

Photo: Johanna Hopun

The piece deals with the special calmness and euphoria, that the dancers find in their art in the midst of the chaotic life surrounding us.

Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

Young People are one of the biggest group of consumers of cotton in Sweden. Cotton deals with this consumer behaviour, its impacts on environment and on humans, especially children.


Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

What happens when we are alone. Truly alone. No people, no devices, no distractions. Just ourselves and our thoughts. This piece explores how your mind wanders when nothing is there to stop it.


Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

Inspired by the #metoo movement, the piece focuses the idea of force, physical force, force we create as we stand and move together, force against a set of ideas.


Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

Noxnoxnox was created by the three performers. With the intensity of modern circus, it takes you on a journey through a young person’s mind.

Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

Inspired by August Malmströms painting ‘Grinlanten’ the piece is exploring money, loneliness and the need to belong. Does money lead to or does it rather prevent happiness?

Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

Content coming soon!

Photo: © Dave Großmann / Berliner Festspiele

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